Canva: Keyboard Shortcuts

Moving Elements

Move element 1 pixelarrow keys
Move element 10 pixelshift + arrow keys
Deselect elementesc key
Move element up or downcommand/ ctrl + brackets/ up and down arrow keys
Select next or previous elementcommand/ ctrl + alt/ option + brackets


Left align textcommand/ ctrl + shift + L
Center align textcommand/ ctrl + shift + C
Right align textcommand/ ctrl + shift + R
Copy style to another text boxcommand/ ctrl + option/ alt + C
Paste style to another text boxcommand/ ctrl + option/ alt + V
Match textbox width in a group ( works with, grouped textboxes (command/ctrl + G) )command/ ctrl + option/ alt + J
Add text elementT key
Transform text to uppercasecommand/ ctrl + shift + K

Other useful shortcuts

Start searchingBack slash key
Delete selected elementdelete key
Copy elementscommand/ ctrl + C
Paste elementscommand/ ctrl + V
Group elementscommand/ ctrl + G
Ungroup elementscommand/ ctrl + shift + G
Under actioncommand/ ctrl + Z
Redo actioncommand/ ctrl + shift + Z
Increase grid paddingshift + alt/ option + plus/ hyphen keys
Zoom In/ Out command/ ctrl + plus or hyphen keys
Select all elementscommand/ ctrl + A
Show grid linescommand/ ctrl + colon (twice)
Resize proportionallyshift + drag
Add or remove selected elementsshift + click surrounding elements
Select element behindcommand/ ctrl + click overlapping elements
Presentation modecommand/ ctrl + shift + return/ enter
Duplicate elementscommand/ ctrl + alt/ option + D