ORG-MODE Structure Editing

M-RETinsert new heading/item at current level
C-RETinsert new heading after subtree
M-S-RETinsert new TODO entry/checkbox item
C-S-RETinsert TODO entry/ckbx after subtree
C-c -turn (head)line into item, cycle item type
C-c *turn item/line into headline
M-LEFT/RIGHTpromote/demote heading
M-S-LEFT/RIGHTpromote/demote current subtree
M-S-UP/DOWNmove subtree/list item up/down
C-c ^sort subtree/region/plain-list
C-c C-x cclone a subtree
C-c C-x vcopy visible text
C-c C-x C-w/M-wkill/copy subtree
C-c C-x C-y or C-yyank subtree
C-x n s/wnarrow buffer to subtree / widen

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