Pygame: Eendering The Text Cheat Sheet

You can use text for a variety of purposes in a game. For example you can share information with players, and you can display a score.

Displaying a message

The following code defines a message, then a color for the text and the background color for the message. A font is defined using the default system font, with a font size of 48. The font.render() function is used to create an image of the message, and we get the rect object associated with the image. We then center the image on the screen and display it.

msg = "Play again?"
msg_color = (100, 100, 100)
bg_color = (230, 230, 230)
f = pg.font.SysFont(None, 48)
msg_image = f.render(msg, True, msg_color,bg_color)
msg_image_rect = msg_image.get_rect() =
screen.blit(msg_image, msg_image_rect)

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