Shortcut Action
A 2 point arc tool
C Circle tool
Shift C Circle tool - lock current inferences
E Eraser tool
Alt E Eraser tool - soften or smooth (use on edges to make adjacent faces appear curved)
Shift E Eraser tool - hide
Alt Shift E Eraser tool - unsoften or unsmooth
L Line tool
Shift L Line tool - lock in current inference direction
(arrows) L Line tool - lock direction
M Move tool
Alt M Move tool - move a copy
Shift M Move tool - hold down to lock in current inference direction
Ctrl M Move tool - auto-fold (allow move even if it means adding extra edges and faces)
(arrows) M Move tool - lock direction
F Offset tool
O Orbit tool
Alt O Orbit tool - disable 'gravity-weighted' orbiting
Shift O Orbit tool - activate pan tool
B Paint bucket tool
Alt B Paint bucket tool - fill material, paint all matching adjacent faces
Shift B Paint bucket tool - replace material, paint all matching faces in the model