Shortcut Action
Shift B Paint bucket tool - replace material, paint all matching faces in the model
Alt Shift B Paint bucket tool - replace material on object, paint all matching faces on the same object
Ctrl B Paint bucket tool - sample material
P Push and pull tool
Alt P Push and pull tool - push or pull a copy of the face, leaving original in place
R Rectangle tool
Alt R Rectangle tool - start drawing from center
Q Rotate tool
Alt Q Rotate tool - rotate a copy
S Scale tool
Alt S Scale tool - scale about center
Shift S Scale tool - scale uniformly, don't distort
Space Select tool
Alt Space Select tool - add to selection
Shift Select tool - add or subtract from selection
Alt Shift Space Select tool - subtract from selection
T Tape measure tool
Alt T Tape measure tool - toggle create guide or measure only
(arrows) T Tape measure tool - lock direction
Z Zoom tool
Shift Z Zoom tool - combine with click-drag mouse to change field of view