Spotify Cheat Sheet

A visual cheat-sheet for the 23 keyboard shortcuts found in Spotify

Keyboard Shortcuts

General II

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Down Volume down
Ctrl Shift Down Mute
Ctrl Shift Up Max volume
F1 Show help
Ctrl F Filter (in Songs and Playlists)
Ctrl L Give focus to search field
Alt Left Go back
Alt Right Go forward
Enter Play selected row
Ctrl P Preferences
Ctrl Shift W Logout active user
Alt F4 Quit

General I

Shortcut Action
Ctrl N Create new playlist
Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl Alt C Copy (alternative link)
Ctrl V Paste
Del Delete
Ctrl A Select all
Space Play/pause
Ctrl Right Next track
Ctrl Left Previous track
Ctrl Up Volume up