TablePlus Cheat Sheet

A visual cheat-sheet for the 34 keyboard shortcuts found in TablePlus

Keyboard Shortcuts

Table Data

Shortcut Action
Space Toggle row detail when row selected
Ctrl C Copy rows
Ctrl V Paste rows
Ctrl Alt I Insert a new row
Tab Move focus while editing


Shortcut Action
Ctrl W Close a tab/window
Ctrl S Commit the changes
Ctrl T Open a new tab
Ctrl L Open plugin manager
Ctrl . Run custom script
Ctrl R Reload workspace
Ctrl [ Navigate to left tab
Ctrl ] Navigate to right tab
Ctrl Shift [ Navigate to left Pane
Ctrl Shift ] Navigate to right Pane
Ctrl D Split Pane horizontally
Ctrl 1-9 Navigate to number tab
Ctrl K Switch database
Ctrl Shift K Switch connection
Ctrl I Indent selected SQL Code
Ctrl E Execute SQL Code
Ctrl O Open file SQL
Ctrl Shift Enter Uglify selected SQL statements
Ctrl \ Comment/Uncomment lines of SQL
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Shift Z Redo
Ctrl P Open anything
Ctrl E Open SQL Query
Ctrl (click) Open item in new tab
Tab Move focus while editing


Shortcut Action
Ctrl N Open a new connection
Ctrl Q Quit app
Ctrl Shift O Open SQL file
Ctrl , Open Preferences