Jira: Global Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

gdGo to dasboard
gpBrowse to a project
gaGo to agile
giFind issues
ggAdministration quick search
/Quick search
cCreate an issue
.Quick operations
?Open shortcut help
CTRL+ALT+SForm submit

Jira: Navigating Issues Cheat Sheet

View selected issue
jNext issue
kPrevious issue
[Dock/undock the filters panel
nNext activity
pPrevious activity
fFocus search field
uSearch for issues
tSwitch filter view
zDetail view order by

Agile: Shortcuts

1Plan mode
2Work mode
3Report mode
zPresentation mode
nNext column
pPrevious column
tHide/show detail view
-Toggle all swimlanes
stSend to top
sbSend to bottom