shortcut description
Ctrl Space Basic code completion
Alt Enter Show intention actions, quick fixes
Ctrl P Parameter info
Ctrl Q Quick documentation lookup
Ctrl mouse over Brief Info
Ctrl F1 Error or warning at caret
Alt Insert Generate code…
Ctrl Alt T Surround with…
Ctrl J Insert Live template
Ctrl / Comment/uncomment with line
Ctrl Shift / Comment/uncomment with block
Ctrl W Select successively increasing code blocks
Ctrl Shift W Decrease current selection to previous state
Alt+Q Context Info
Ctrl Alt L Reformat code
Ctrl Alt I Auto-indent line(s)
Tab Indent selected lines
Shift Tab Unindent selected lines
Ctrl Shift V Paste from recent buffers…
Ctrl D Duplicate current line or selected block
Ctrl Y Delete line at caret
Alt Shift Up Move line up
Alt Shift Down Move line down
Ctrl Shift J Join lines
Ctrl Enter Split lines
Shift Enter Start new line
Ctrl Shift U Toggle case for word at caret or selected block
Ctrl Shift ] Select till code block end
Ctrl Shift [ Select till code block start
Ctrl Delete Delete to word end
Ctrl Backspace Delete to word start
Ctrl + Expand code block
Ctrl - Collapse code block
Ctrl Shift + Expand all
Ctrl Shift - Collapse all
Ctrl F4 Close active editor tab