Ack: File Presentation Cheat Sheet

--pager=COMMANDPipe all ack output through COMMANDFor example, --pager="less -R". Ignored if output is redirected.
--nopagerDo not send output through a pagerCancels any setting in ~/.ackrc, ACK_PAGER or ACK_PAGER_COLOR.
--[no]headingPrint a filename heading above each file’s resultsThe default is on, when used interactively.
--[no]breakPrint a break between results from different filesThe default is on, when used interactively.
--groupSame as --heading --break
--nogroupSame as --noheading --nobreak
--[no]colorHighlight the matching textThe default is on unless output is redirected, or on Windows.
--color-filename=COLORSet color for filenames
--color-match=COLORSet color for matches
--color-lineno=COLORSet color for line numbers
--[no]colourSame as --[no]color
--flushFlush output immediately, even when ack is used non-interactively (when output goes to a pipe or file)

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