C#: Exception Handling Cheat Sheet

The syntax for using try/catch looks like:

try {
   // statements causing exception
} catch( ExceptionName e1 ) {
   // error handling code
} catch( ExceptionName e2 ) {
   // error handling code
} catch( ExceptionName eN ) {
   // error handling code
} finally {
   // statements to be executed

Exception Classes

System.IO.IOExceptionHandles I/O errors.
System.IndexOutOfRangeExceptionHandles errors generated when a method refers to an array index out of range.
System.ArrayTypeMismatchExceptionHandles errors generated when the type is mismatched with the array type.
System.NullReferenceExceptionHandles errors generated from referencing a null object.
System.DivideByZeroExceptionHandles errors generated from dividing a dividend with zero.
System.InvalidCastExceptionHandles errors generated during typecasting.
System.OutOfMemoryExceptionHandles errors generated from insufficient free memory.
System.StackOverflowExceptionHandles errors generated from stack overflow.

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