C#: Type Conversion Cheat Sheet

ToBooleanConverts a type to a Boolean value, where possible.
ToByteConverts a type to a byte.
ToCharConverts a type to a single Unicode character, where possible.
ToDateTimeConverts a type (integer or string type) to date-time structures.
ToDecimalConverts a floating-point or integer type to a decimal type.
ToDoubleConverts a type to a double type.
ToInt16Converts a type to a 16-bit integer.
ToInt32Converts a type to a 32-bit integer.
ToInt64Converts a type to a 64-bit integer.
ToSbyteConverts a type to a signed byte type.
ToSingleConverts a type to a small floating-point number.
ToStringConverts a type to a string.
ToTypeConverts a type to a specified type.
ToUInt16Converts a type to an unsigned int type.
ToUInt32Converts a type to an unsigned long type.
ToUInt64Converts a type to an unsigned big integer.

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