Emoji: Objects Cheat Sheet

:bamboo:🎍 Pine decoration
Unified: 1F38D
:gift_heart:💝 Heart with ribbon
Unified: 1F49D
:dolls:🎎 Japanese dolls
Unified: 1F38E
:school_satchel:🎒 School satchel
Unified: 1F392
:mortar_board:🎓 Graduation cap
Unified: 1F393
:flags:🎏 Carp streamer
Unified: 1F38F
:fireworks:🎆 Fireworks
Unified: 1F386
:sparkler:🎇 Firework sparkler
Unified: 1F387
:wind_chime:🎐 Wind chime
Unified: 1F390
:rice_scene:🎑 Moon viewing ceremony
Unified: 1F391
:jack_o_lantern:🎃 Jack-o-lantern
Unified: 1F383
:ghost:👻 GhostUnified: 1F47B
:santa:🎅 Father christmasUnified: 1F385
:christmas_tree:🎄 Christmas tree
Unified: 1F384
:gift:🎁 Wrapped present
Unified: 1F381
:tanabata_tree:🎋 Tanabata tree
Unified: 1F38B
:tada:🎉 Party popper
Unified: 1F389
:confetti_ball:🎊 Confetti ball
Unified: 1F38A
:balloon:🎈 Balloon
Unified: 1F388
:crossed_flags:🎌 Crossed flags
Unified: 1F38C
:crystal_ball:🔮 Crystal ball
Unified: 1F52E
:movie_camera:🎥 Movie camera
Unified: 1F3A5
:camera:📷 Camera
Unified: 1F4F7
:video_camera:📹 Video camera
Unified: 1F4F9
:vhs:📼 Videocassette
Unified: 1F4FC
:cd:💿 Optical disc
Unified: 1F4BF
:dvd:📀 Dvd
Unified: 1F4C0
:minidisc:💽 Minidisc
Unified: 1F4BD
:floppy_disk:💾 Floppy disk
Unified: 1F4BE
:computer:💻 Personal computer
Unified: 1F4BB
:iphone:📱 Mobile phone
Unified: 1F4F1
:phone:☎️ Black telephone
Unified: 260E
:telephone_receiver:📞 Telephone receiver
Unified: 1F4DE
:pager:📟 Pager
Unified: 1F4DF
:fax:📠 Fax machine
Unified: 1F4E0
:satellite:📡 Satellite antenna
Unified: 1F4E1
:tv:📺 Television
Unified: 1F4FA
:radio:📻 Radio
Unified: 1F4FB
:loud_sound:🔊 Speaker with three sound waves
Unified: 1F50A
:sound:🔉 Speaker with one sound wave
Unified: 1F509
:speaker:🔈 Speaker
Unified: 1F508
:mute:🔇 Speaker with cancellation stroke
Unified: 1F507
:bell:🔔 Bell
Unified: 1F514
:no_bell:🔕 Bell with cancellation stroke
Unified: 1F515
:loudspeaker:📢 Public address loudspeaker
Unified: 1F4E2
:mega:📣 Cheering megaphone
Unified: 1F4E3
:hourglass_flowing_sand:⏳ Hourglass with flowing sandUnified: 23F3
:hourglass:⌛️ Hourglass
Unified: 231B
:alarm_clock:⏰ Alarm clock
Unified: 23F0
:watch:⌚️ Watch
Unified: 231A
:unlock:🔓 Open lock
Unified: 1F513
:lock:🔒 Lock
Unified: 1F512
:lock_with_ink_pen:🔏 Lock with ink pen
Unified: 1F50F
:closed_lock_with_key:🔐 Closed lock with key
Unified: 1F510
:key:🔑 Key
Unified: 1F511
:mag_right:🔎 Right-pointing magnifying glass
Unified: 1F50E
:bulb:💡 Electric light bulb
Unified: 1F4A1
:flashlight:🔦 Electric torch
Unified: 1F526
:high_brightness:🔆 High brightness symbol
Unified: 1F506
:low_brightness:🔅 Low brightness symbol
Unified: 1F505
:electric_plug:🔌 Electric plug
Unified: 1F50C
:battery:🔋 Battery
Unified: 1F50B
:mag:🔍 Left-pointing magnifying glass
Unified: 1F50D
:bathtub:🛁 Bathtub
Unified: 1F6C1
:bath:🛀 Bath
Unified: 1F6C0
:shower:🚿 Shower
Unified: 1F6BF
:toilet:🚽 Toilet
Unified: 1F6BD
:wrench:🔧 Wrench
Unified: 1F527
:nut_and_bolt:🔩 Nut and bolt
Unified: 1F529
:hammer:🔨 Hammer
Unified: 1F528
:door:🚪 Door
Unified: 1F6AA
:smoking:🚬 Smoking symbol
Unified: 1F6AC
:bomb:💣 Bomb
Unified: 1F4A3
:gun:🔫 Pistol
Unified: 1F52B
:hocho:🔪 Hocho
Unified: 1F52A
:pill:💊 Pill
Unified: 1F48A
:syringe:💉 Syringe
Unified: 1F489
:moneybag:💰 Money bag
Unified: 1F4B0
:yen:💴 Banknote with yen sign
Unified: 1F4B4
:dollar:💵 Banknote with dollar sign
Unified: 1F4B5
:pound:💷 Banknote with pound sign
Unified: 1F4B7
:euro:💶 Banknote with euro sign
Unified: 1F4B6
:credit_card:💳 Credit card
Unified: 1F4B3
:money_with_wings:💸 Money with wings
Unified: 1F4B8
:calling:📲 Mobile phone with rightwards arrow at left
Unified: 1F4F2
:e-mail:📧 E-mail symbol
Unified: 1F4E7
:inbox_tray:📥 Inbox tray
Unified: 1F4E5
:outbox_tray:📤 Outbox tray
Unified: 1F4E4
:email:✉️ Envelope
Unified: 2709
:envelope_with_arrow:📩 Envelope with downwards arrow above
Unified: 1F4E9
:incoming_envelope:📨 Incoming envelope
Unified: 1F4E8
:postal_horn:📯 Postal horn
Unified: 1F4EF
:mailbox:📫 Closed mailbox with raised flag
Unified: 1F4EB
:mailbox_closed:📪 Closed mailbox with lowered flag
Unified: 1F4EA
:mailbox_with_mail:📬 Open mailbox with raised flag
Unified: 1F4EC
:mailbox_with_no_mail:📭 Open mailbox with lowered flag
Unified: 1F4ED
:postbox:📮 Postbox
Unified: 1F4EE
:package:📦 Package
Unified: 1F4E6
:memo:📝 Memo
Unified: 1F4DD
:page_facing_up:📄 Page facing up
Unified: 1F4C4
:page_with_curl:📃 Page with curl
Unified: 1F4C3
:bookmark_tabs:📑 Bookmark tabs
Unified: 1F4D1
:bar_chart:📊 Bar chart
Unified: 1F4CA
:chart_with_upwards_trend:📈 Chart with upwards trend
Unified: 1F4C8
:chart_with_downwards_trend:📉 Chart with downwards trend
Unified: 1F4C9
:scroll:📜 Scroll
Unified: 1F4DC
:clipboard:📋 Clipboard
Unified: 1F4CB
:date:📅 Calendar
Unified: 1F4C5
:calendar:📆 Tear-off calendar
Unified: 1F4C6
:card_index:📇 Card index
Unified: 1F4C7
:file_folder:📁 File folder
Unified: 1F4C1
:open_file_folder:📂 Open file folder
Unified: 1F4C2
:scissors:✂️ Black scissors
Unified: 2702
:pushpin:📌 Pushpin
Unified: 1F4CC
:paperclip:📎 Paperclip
Unified: 1F4CE
:black_nib:✒️ Black nib
Unified: 2712
:pencil2:✏️ Pencil
Unified: 270F
:straight_ruler:📏 Straight ruler
Unified: 1F4CF
:triangular_ruler:📐 Triangular ruler
Unified: 1F4D0
:closed_book:📕 Closed book
Unified: 1F4D5
:green_book:📗 Green book
Unified: 1F4D7
:blue_book:📘 Blue book
Unified: 1F4D8
:orange_book:📙 Orange book
Unified: 1F4D9
:notebook:📓 Notebook
Unified: 1F4D3
:notebook_with_decorative_cover:📔 Notebook with decorative cover
Unified: 1F4D4
:ledger:📒 Ledger
Unified: 1F4D2
:books:📚 Books
Unified: 1F4DA
:book:📖 Open book
Unified: 1F4D6
:bookmark:🔖 Bookmark
Unified: 1F516
:name_badge:📛 Name badge
Unified: 1F4DB
:microscope:🔬 Microscope
Unified: 1F52C
:telescope:🔭 Telescope
Unified: 1F52D
:newspaper:📰 Newspaper
Unified: 1F4F0
:art:🎨 Artist palette
Unified: 1F3A8
:clapper:🎬 Clapper board
Unified: 1F3AC
:microphone:🎤 Microphone
Unified: 1F3A4
:headphones:🎧 Headphone
Unified: 1F3A7
:musical_score:🎼 Musical score
Unified: 1F3BC
:musical_note:🎵 Musical note
Unified: 1F3B5
:notes:🎶 Multiple musical notes
Unified: 1F3B6
:musical_keyboard:🎹 Musical keyboard
Unified: 1F3B9
:violin:🎻 Violin
Unified: 1F3BB
:trumpet:🎺 Trumpet
Unified: 1F3BA
:saxophone:🎷 Saxophone
Unified: 1F3B7
:guitar:🎸 Guitar
Unified: 1F3B8
:space_invader:👾 Alien monster
Unified: 1F47E
:video_game:🎮 Video game
Unified: 1F3AE
:black_joker:🃏 Playing card black joker
Unified: 1F0CF
:flower_playing_cards:🎴 Flower playing cards
Unified: 1F3B4
:mahjong:🀄️ Mahjong tile red dragon
Unified: 1F004
:game_die:🎲 Game die
Unified: 1F3B2
:dart:🎯 Direct hit
Unified: 1F3AF
:football:🏈 American football
Unified: 1F3C8
:basketball:🏀 Basketball and hoop
Unified: 1F3C0
:soccer:⚽️ Soccer ball
Unified: 26BD
:baseball:⚾️ Baseball
Unified: 26BE
:tennis:🎾 Tennis racquet and ball
Unified: 1F3BE
:8ball:🎱 Billiards
Unified: 1F3B1
:rugby_football:🏉 Rugby football
Unified: 1F3C9
:bowling:🎳 Bowling
Unified: 1F3B3
:golf:⛳️ Flag in hole
Unified: 26F3
:mountain_bicyclist:🚵 Mountain bicyclist
Unified: 1F6B5
:bicyclist:🚴 Bicyclist
Unified: 1F6B4
:checkered_flag:🏁 Chequered flag
Unified: 1F3C1
:horse_racing:🏇 Horse racing
Unified: 1F3C7
:trophy:🏆 Trophy
Unified: 1F3C6
:ski:🎿 Ski and ski boot
Unified: 1F3BF
:snowboarder:🏂 Snowboarder
Unified: 1F3C2
:swimmer:🏊 Swimmer
Unified: 1F3CA
:surfer:🏄 Surfer
Unified: 1F3C4
:fishing_pole_and_fish:🎣 Fishing pole and fish
Unified: 1F3A3
:coffee:☕️ Hot beverage
Unified: 2615
:tea:🍵 Teacup without handle
Unified: 1F375
:sake:🍶 Sake bottle and cup
Unified: 1F376
:baby_bottle:🍼 Baby bottle
Unified: 1F37C
:beer:🍺 Beer mug
Unified: 1F37A
:beers:🍻 Clinking beer mugs
Unified: 1F37B
:cocktail:🍸 Cocktail glass
Unified: 1F378
:tropical_drink:🍹 Tropical drink
Unified: 1F379
:wine_glass:🍷 Wine glass
Unified: 1F377
:fork_and_knife:🍴 Fork and knife
Unified: 1F374
:pizza:🍕 Slice of pizza
Unified: 1F355
:hamburger:🍔 Hamburger
Unified: 1F354
:fries:🍟 French fries
Unified: 1F35F
:poultry_leg:🍗 Poultry leg
Unified: 1F357
:meat_on_bone:🍖 Meat on bone
Unified: 1F356
:spaghetti:🍝 Spaghetti
Unified: 1F35D
:curry:🍛 Curry and rice
Unified: 1F35B
:fried_shrimp:🍤 Fried shrimp
Unified: 1F364
:bento:🍱 Bento box
Unified: 1F371
:sushi:🍣 Sushi
Unified: 1F363
:fish_cake:🍥 Fish cake with swirl design
Unified: 1F365
:rice_ball:🍙 Rice ball
Unified: 1F359
:rice_cracker:🍘 Rice cracker
Unified: 1F358
:rice:🍚 Cooked rice
Unified: 1F35A
:ramen:🍜 Steaming bowl
Unified: 1F35C
:stew:🍲 Pot of food
Unified: 1F372
:oden:🍢 Oden
Unified: 1F362
:dango:🍡 Dango
Unified: 1F361
:egg:🍳 Cooking
Unified: 1F373
:bread:🍞 Bread
Unified: 1F35E
:doughnut:🍩 Doughnut
Unified: 1F369
:custard:🍮 Custard
Unified: 1F36E
:icecream:🍦 Soft ice cream
Unified: 1F366
:ice_cream:🍨 Ice cream
Unified: 1F368
:shaved_ice:🍧 Shaved ice
Unified: 1F367
:birthday:🎂 Birthday cake
Unified: 1F382
:cake:🍰 Shortcake
Unified: 1F370
:cookie:🍪 Cookie
Unified: 1F36A
:chocolate_bar:🍫 Chocolate bar
Unified: 1F36B
:candy:🍬 Candy
Unified: 1F36C
:lollipop:🍭 Lollipop
Unified: 1F36D
:honey_pot:🍯 Honey pot
Unified: 1F36F
:apple:🍎 Red apple
Unified: 1F34E
:green_apple:🍏 Green apple
Unified: 1F34F
:tangerine:🍊 Tangerine
Unified: 1F34A
:lemon:🍋 Lemon
Unified: 1F34B
:cherries:🍒 Cherries
Unified: 1F352
:grapes:🍇 Grapes
Unified: 1F347
:watermelon:🍉 Watermelon
Unified: 1F349
:strawberry:🍓 Strawberry
Unified: 1F353
:peach:🍑 Peach
Unified: 1F351
:melon:🍈 Melon
Unified: 1F348
:banana:🍌 Banana
Unified: 1F34C
:pear:🍐 Pear
Unified: 1F350
:pineapple:🍍 Pineapple
Unified: 1F34D
:sweet_potato:🍠 Roasted sweet potato
Unified: 1F360
:eggplant:🍆 Aubergine
Unified: 1F346
:tomato:🍅 Tomato
Unified: 1F345
:corn:🌽 Ear of maize
Unified: 1F33D

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