Emoji: Places Cheat Sheet

:house:🏠 House building
Unified: 1F3E0
:house_with_garden:🏡 House with garden
Unified: 1F3E1
:school:🏫 School
Unified: 1F3EB
:office:🏢 Office building
Unified: 1F3E2
:post_office:🏣 Japanese post office
Unified: 1F3E3
:hospital:🏥 Hospital
Unified: 1F3E5
:bank:🏦 Bank
Unified: 1F3E6
:convenience_store:🏪 Convenience store
Unified: 1F3EA
:love_hotel:🏩 Love hotel
Unified: 1F3E9
:hotel:🏨 Hotel
Unified: 1F3E8
:wedding:💒 Wedding
Unified: 1F492
:church:⛪️ Church
Unified: 26EA
:department_store:🏬 Department store
Unified: 1F3EC
:european_post_office:🏤 European post office
Unified: 1F3E4
:city_sunrise:🌇 Sunset over buildings
Unified: 1F307
:city_sunset:🌆 Cityscape at dusk
Unified: 1F306
:japanese_castle:🏯 Japanese castle
Unified: 1F3EF
:european_castle:🏰 European castle
Unified: 1F3F0
:tent:⛺️ Tent
Unified: 26FA
:factory:🏭 Factory
Unified: 1F3ED
:tokyo_tower:🗼 Tokyo tower
Unified: 1F5FC
:japan:🗾 Silhouette of japan
Unified: 1F5FE
:mount_fuji:🗻 Mount fuji
Unified: 1F5FB
:sunrise_over_mountains:🌄 Sunrise over mountains
Unified: 1F304
:sunrise:🌅 Sunrise
Unified: 1F305
:night_with_stars:🌃 Night with stars
Unified: 1F303
:statue_of_liberty:🗽 Statue of liberty
Unified: 1F5FD
:bridge_at_night:🌉 Bridge at night
Unified: 1F309
:carousel_horse:🎠 Carousel horse
Unified: 1F3A0
:ferris_wheel:🎡 Ferris wheelU
nified: 1F3A1
:fountain:⛲️ Fountain
Unified: 26F2
:roller_coaster:🎢 Roller coaster

Unified: 1F3A2
:ship:🚢 Ship
Unified: 1F6A2
:boat:⛵️ Sailboat
Unified: 26F5
:speedboat:🚤 Speedboat
Unified: 1F6A4
:rowboat:🚣 Rowboat
Unified: 1F6A3
:anchor:⚓️ Anchor
Unified: 2693
:rocket:🚀 Rocket
Unified: 1F680
:airplane:✈️ Airplane
Unified: 2708
:seat:💺 Seat
Unified: 1F4BA
:helicopter:🚁 Helicopter
Unified: 1F681
:steam_locomotive:🚂 Steam locomotive
Unified: 1F682
:tram:🚊 Tram
Unified: 1F68A
:station:🚉 Station
Unified: 1F689
:mountain_railway:🚞 Mountain railway
Unified: 1F69E
:train2:🚆 Train
Unified: 1F686
:bullettrain_side:🚄 High-speed train
Unified: 1F684
:bullettrain_front:🚅 High-speed train with bullet nose
Unified: 1F685
:light_rail:🚈 Light rail
Unified: 1F688
:metro:🚇 Metro
Unified: 1F687
:monorail:🚝 Monorail
Unified: 1F69D
:train:🚋 Tram car
Unified: 1F68B
:railway_car:🚃 Railway car
Unified: 1F683
:trolleybus:🚎 Trolleybus
Unified: 1F68E
:bus:🚌 Bus
Unified: 1F68C
:oncoming_bus:🚍 Oncoming bus
Unified: 1F68D
:blue_car:🚙 Recreational vehicle
Unified: 1F699
:oncoming_automobile:🚘 Oncoming automobile
Unified: 1F698
:car:🚗 Automobile
Unified: 1F697
:taxi:🚕 Taxi
Unified: 1F695
:oncoming_taxi:🚖 Oncoming taxi
Unified: 1F696
:articulated_lorry:🚛 Articulated lorry
Unified: 1F69B
:truck:🚚 Delivery truck
Unified: 1F69A
:rotating_light:🚨 Police cars revolving light
Unified: 1F6A8
:police_car:🚓 Police car
Unified: 1F693
:oncoming_police_car:🚔 Oncoming police car
Unified: 1F694
:fire_engine:🚒 Fire engine
Unified: 1F692
:ambulance:🚑 Ambulance
Unified: 1F691
:minibus:🚐 Minibus
Unified: 1F690
:bike:🚲 Bicycle
Unified: 1F6B2
:aerial_tramway:🚡 Aerial tramway
Unified: 1F6A1
:suspension_railway:🚟 Suspension railway
Unified: 1F69F
:mountain_cableway:🚠 Mountain cableway
Unified: 1F6A0
:tractor:🚜 Tractor
Unified: 1F69C
:barber:💈 Barber pole
Unified: 1F488
:busstop:🚏 Bus stop
Unified: 1F68F
:ticket:🎫 Ticket
Unified: 1F3AB
:vertical_traffic_light:🚦 Vertical traffic light
Unified: 1F6A6
:traffic_light:🚥 Horizontal traffic light
Unified: 1F6A5
:warning:⚠️ Warning sign
Unified: 26A0
:construction:🚧 Construction sign
Unified: 1F6A7
:beginner:🔰 Japanese symbol for beginner
Unified: 1F530
:fuelpump:⛽️ Fuel pump
Unified: 26FD
:izakaya_lantern:🏮 Izakaya lantern
Unified: 1F3EE
:slot_machine:🎰 Slot machine
Unified: 1F3B0
:hotsprings:♨️ Hot springs
Unified: 2668
:moyai:🗿 Moyai
Unified: 1F5FF
:circus_tent:🎪 Circus tent
Unified: 1F3AA
:performing_arts:🎭 Performing arts
Unified: 1F3AD
:round_pushpin:📍 Round pushpin
Unified: 1F4CD
:triangular_flag_on_post:🚩 Triangular flag on post
Unified: 1F6A9
:jp:🇯🇵 Regional indicator symbol letters JP
Unified: 1F1EF-1F1F5
:kr:🇰🇷 Regional indicator symbol letters KR
Unified: 1F1F0-1F1F7
:de:🇩🇪 Regional indicator symbol letters DE
Unified: 1F1E9-1F1EA
:cn:🇨🇳 Regional indicator symbol letters CN
Unified: 1F1E8-1F1F3
:us:🇺🇸 Regional indicator symbol letters US
Unified: 1F1FA-1F1F8
:fr:🇫🇷 Regional indicator symbol letters FR
Unified: 1F1EB-1F1F7
:es:🇪🇸 Regional indicator symbol letters ES
Unified: 1F1EA-1F1F8
:it:🇮🇹 Regional indicator symbol letters IT
Unified: 1F1EE-1F1F9
:ru:🇷🇺 Regional indicator symbol letters RU
Unified: 1F1F7-1F1FA
:gb:🇬🇧 Regional indicator symbol letters GB
Unified: 1F1EC-1F1E7

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