MongoDB: Shell JavaScript Operations Cheat Sheet

db.auth()If running in secure mode, authenticate the user.
coll = db.<collection>Set a specific collection in the current database to a variable coll, as in the following example:copycopiedcoll = db.myCollection; You can perform operations on the myCollection using the variable, as in the following example:copycopiedcoll.find();
db.collection.find()Find all documents in the collection and returns a cursor.See the db.collection.find() and Query Documents for more information and examples.See Iterate a Cursor in the mongo Shell for information on cursor handling in the mongo shell.
db.collection.insertOne()Insert a new document into the collection.
db.collection.insertMany()Insert multiple new documents into the collection.
db.collection.updateOne()Update a single existing document in the collection.
db.collection.updateMany()Update multiple existing documents in the collection. either a new document or update an existing document in the collection.
db.collection.deleteOne()Delete a single document from the collection.
db.collection.deleteMany()Delete documents from the collection.
db.collection.drop()Drops or removes completely the collection.
db.collection.createIndex()Create a new index on the collection if the index does not exist; otherwise, the operation has no effect.
db.getSiblingDB()Return a reference to another database using this same connection without explicitly switching the current database. This allows for cross database queries.

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