Neo4j: Operators Cheat Sheet

Operators at a glance:

Aggregation operatorsDISTINCT
Property operators. for static property access, [] for dynamic property access, = for replacing all properties, += for mutating specific properties
Mathematical operators+-*/%^
Comparison operators=<><><=>=IS NULLIS NOT NULL
String-specific comparison operatorsSTARTS WITHENDS WITHCONTAINS
Boolean operatorsANDORXORNOT
String operators+ for concatenation, =~ for regex matching
Temporal operators+ and - for operations between durations and temporal instants/durations, * and / for operations between durations and numbers
Map operators. for static value access by key, [] for dynamic value access by key
List operators+ for concatenation, IN to check existence of an element in a list, [] for accessing element(s) dynamically

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