ORG-MODE Agenda Views

  • add/move current file to front of agenda C-c [
  • remove current file from your agenda C-c ]
  • cycle through agenda file list C-’
  • set/remove restriction lock C-c C-x </>
  • compile agenda for the current week C-c a a \noteone
  • compile global TODO list C-c a t \noteone
  • compile TODO list for specific keyword C-c a T \noteone
  • match tags, TODO kwds, properties C-c a m \noteone
  • match only in TODO entries C-c a M \noteone
  • find stuck projects C-c a # \noteone
  • show timeline of current org file C-c a L \noteone
  • configure custom commands C-c a C \noteone
  • agenda for date at cursor C-c C-o

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