ORG-MODE Commands available in an agenda buffer

View Org file

  • show original location of item SPC/mouse-3
  • show and recenter window L
  • goto original location in other window TAB/mouse-2
  • goto original location, delete other windows RET
  • show subtree in indirect buffer, ded.\ frame C-c C-x b
  • toggle follow-mode F

Change display

  • delete other windows o
  • view mode dispatcher v
  • switch to day/week/month/year/def view d w vm vy vSP
  • toggle diary entries / time grid / habits D / G / K
  • toggle entry text / clock report E / R
  • toggle display of logbook entries l / v l/L/c
  • toggle inclusion of archived trees/files v a/A
  • refresh agenda buffer with any changes r / g
  • filter with respect to a tag /
  • save all org-mode buffers s
  • display next/previous day,week,… f / b
  • goto today / some date (prompt) . / j

Remote editing

  • digit argument 0-9
  • change state of current TODO item t
  • kill item and source C-k
  • archive default $ / a
  • refile the subtree C-c C-w
  • set/show tags of current headline : / T
  • set effort property (prefix=nth) e
  • set / compute priority of current item , / P
  • raise/lower priority of current item S-UP/DOWN\notetwo
  • run an attachment command C-c C-a
  • schedule/set deadline for this item C-c C-s/d
  • change timestamp one day earlier/later S-LEFT/RIGHT\notetwo
  • change timestamp to today >
  • insert new entry into diary i
  • start/stop/cancel the clock on current item I / O / X
  • jump to running clock entry J
  • mark / unmark / execute bulk action m / u / B


  • follow one or offer all links in current entry C-c C-o

Calendar commands

  • find agenda cursor date in calendar c
  • compute agenda for calendar cursor date c
  • show phases of the moon M
  • show sunrise/sunset times S
  • show holidays H
  • convert date to other calendars C

Quit and Exit

  • quit agenda, remove agenda buffer q
  • exit agenda, remove all agenda buffers x

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