• globally store link to the current location C-c l \noteone
  • insert a link (TAB completes stored links) C-c C-l
  • insert file link with file name completion C-u C-c C-l
  • edit (also hidden part of) link at point C-c C-l
  • open file links in emacs C-c C-o
  • …force open in emacs/other windows C-u C-c C-o
  • the open link at point mouse-1/2
  • …force open in emacs/other window mouse-3
  • record a position in mark ring C-c %
  • jump back to last followed link(s) C-c &
  • find next link C-c C-x C-n
  • find previous link C-c C-x C-p
  • edit code snippet of file at point C-c ’
  • toggle the inline display of linked images C-c C-x C-v

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