ORG-MODE “TODO” Items and Checkboxes

  • rotate the state of the current item C-c C-t
  • select next/previous state S-LEFT/RIGHT
  • select next/previous set C-S-LEFT/RIGHT
  • toggle ORDERED property C-c C-x o
  • view TODO items in a sparse tree C-c C-v
  • view 3rd TODO keyword’s sparse tree C-3 C-c C-v
  • set the priority of the current item C-c , [ABC]
  • remove priority cookie from current item C-c , SPC
  • raise/lower priority of current item S-UP/DOWN\notetwo
  • insert new checkbox item in plain list M-S-RET
  • toggle checkbox(es) in region/entry/at point C-c C-x C-b
  • toggle checkbox at point C-c C-c
  • update checkbox statistics (C-u : whole file) C-c #

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