PowerShell: Commands List Cheat Sheet

cd, chdir, slSets the current working location to a specified location.
cat, gc, typeGets the content of the item at the specified location.
acAdds content to the specified items, such as adding words to a file.
scWrites or replaces the content in an item with new content.
copy, cp, cpiCopies an item from one location to another.
del, erase, rd, ri, rm, rmdirDeletes the specified items.
mi, move, mvMoves an item from one location to another.
siChanges the value of an item to the value specified in the command.
niCreates a new item.
sajbStarts a Windows PowerShell background job.
compare, difCompares two sets of objects.
groupGroups objects that contain the same value for specified properties.
curl, iwr, wgetGets content from a web page on the Internet.
measureCalculates the numeric properties of objects, and the characters, words, and lines in string objects, such as files …
rvpaResolves the wildcard characters in a path, and displays the path contents.
rujbRestarts a suspended job
set, svSets the value of a variable. Creates the variable if one with the requested name does not exist.
shcmCreates Windows PowerShell commands in a graphical command window.
sortSorts objects by property values.
sasvStarts one or more stopped services.
saps, startStarts one or more processes on the local computer.
sujbTemporarily stops workflow jobs.
wjbSuppresses the command prompt until one or all of the Windows PowerShell background jobs running in the session are …
?, whereSelects objects from a collection based on their property values.
echo, writeSends the specified objects to the next command in the pipeline. If the command is the last command in the pipeline,…

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