Pygame: Groups Cheat Sheet

Pygame has a Group class which makes working with a group of similar objects easier. A group is like a list, with some extra functionality that’s helpful when building games

Making and filling a group

An object that will be placed in a group must inherit from Sprite.

from pygame.sprite import Sprite, Group

def Bullet(Sprite):
    def draw_bullet(self):
    def update(self):
bullets = Group()
new_bullet = Bullet()

Looping through the items in a group

The sprites() method returns all the members of a group

for bullet in bullets.sprites():

Calling update() on a group

Calling update() on a group automatically calls update() on each member of the group


Removing an item from a group

It’s important to delete elements that will never appear again in the game, so you don’t waste memory and resources.


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