SQLite: Options Cheat Sheet

-init fileRead and execute commands from file , which can contain a mix of SQL statements and meta-c­omm­ands.
-echoPrint commands before execution.
-[no]h­eaderTurn headers on or off.
-bailStop after hitting an error.
-inter­activeForce intera­ctive I/O .
-batchForce batch I/O .
-columnQuery results will be displayed in a table like form, using whitespace characters to separate the columns and align the output.
-csvSet output mode to CSV (comma separated values).
-htmlQuery results will be output as simple HTML tables.
-lineQuery results will be displayed with one value per line, rows separated by a blank line. Designed to be easily parsed by scripts or other programs
-listQuery results will be displayed with the separator (|, by default) character between each field value. The default.
-separator separatorSet output field separator. Default is “|”.
-statsPrint memory stats before each finalize.
-nullvalue stringSet string used to represent NULL values. Default is (empty string).
-versionShow SQLite version.
-vfs nameUse name as the default VFS .
-helpShow help on options and exit.

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