WebStorm: Navigation Cheat Sheet


⌘B , ⌘ClickGo to declaration
⌘OGo to class
⇧⌘OGo to file
⌥⌘OGo to symbol
⇧⌘]Go to next editor tab
⇧⌘[Go to the previous editor tab
F12Go back to the previous tool window
EscGo to editor (from tool window)
⌘LGo to line
⌘ERecent files popup
⌥⌘▶Navigate forward
⌥⌘◀Navigate back
⌘⇧DelNavigate to last edit location
⌥F1Select current file or symbol in any view
⌥⌘BGo to implementation(s)
⌥Space, ⌘YOpen quick definition lookup
^⇧BGo to type declaration
⌘UGo to super-method/super-class
^▲Go to previous method
^▼Go to next method
⌥⌘] / ⌥⌘[Move to code block end/start
^MMove caret to matching brace
⌘F12File structure popup
^HType hierarchy
^⌥HCall hierarchy
F2 / ⇧F2Next/previous highlighted error
F4, ⌘▼Jump to source
⌘▲Jump to the navigation bar
F3Toggle bookmark
⌥F3Toggle bookmark with mnemonic
^0^9Go to numbered bookmark
⌘F3Show bookmarks


Ctrl + B , Ctrl + ClickGo to declaration
Ctrl + N Go to class
Ctrl + Shift + N Go to file
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N Go to symbol
Alt + Right Go to next editor tab
Alt + Left Go to the previous editor tab
F12 Go back to the previous tool window
EscGo to editor (from tool window)
Ctrl + GGo to line
Ctrl + ERecent files popup
Ctrl + Alt + RightNavigate forward
Ctrl + Alt + LeftNavigate back
Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Navigate to last edit location
Alt + F1 Select current file or symbol in any view
Ctrl + Alt + B Go to implementation(s)
Ctrl + Shift + IOpen quick definition lookup
Ctrl + Shift + BGo to type declaration
Ctrl + UGo to super-method/super-class
Alt + UpGo to previous method
Alt + DownGo to next method
Ctrl + ] / [Move to code block end/start
Ctrl + Shift + MMove caret to matching brace
Ctrl + F12 File structure popup
Ctrl + HType hierarchy
Ctrl + Alt + HCall hierarchy
F2 / Shift + F2Next/previous highlighted error
F4, Ctrl + EnterJump to source
Alt + HomeJump to the navigation bar
F11Toggle bookmark
Ctrl + Shift + F11Toggle bookmark with mnemonic
Ctrl + #[0-9]Go to numbered bookmark
Shift + F11Show bookmarks

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