Emoji: Nature Cheat Sheet

:dog:🐶 Dog face
Unified: 1F436
:wolf:🐺 Wolf face
Unified: 1F43A
:cat:🐱 Cat face
Unified: 1F431
:mouse:🐭 Mouse face
Unified: 1F42D
:hamster:🐹 Hamster face
Unified: 1F439
:rabbit:🐰 Rabbit face
Unified: 1F430
:frog:🐸 Frog face
Unified: 1F438
:tiger:🐯 Tiger face
Unified: 1F42F
:koala:🐨 Koala
Unified: 1F428
:bear:🐻 Bear face
Unified: 1F43B
:pig:🐷 Pig face
Unified: 1F437
:pig_nose:🐽 Pig nose
Unified: 1F43D
:cow:🐮 Cow face
Unified: 1F42E
:boar:🐗 Boar
Unified: 1F417
:monkey_face:🐵 Monkey face
Unified: 1F435
:monkey:🐒 Monkey
Unified: 1F412
:horse:🐴 Horse face
Unified: 1F434
:sheep:🐑 Sheep
Unified: 1F411
:elephant:🐘 Elephant
Unified: 1F418
:panda_face:🐼 Panda face
Unified: 1F43C
:penguin:🐧 Penguin
Unified: 1F427
:bird:🐦 Bird
Unified: 1F426
:baby_chick:🐤 Baby chick
Unified: 1F424
:hatched_chick:🐥 Front-facing baby chick
Unified: 1F425
:hatching_chick:🐣 Hatching chick
Unified: 1F423
:chicken:🐔 Chicken
Unified: 1F414
:snake:🐍 Snake
Unified: 1F40D
:turtle:🐢 Turtle
Unified: 1F422
:bug:🐛 Bug
Unified: 1F41B
:bee:🐝 Honeybee
Unified: 1F41D
:ant:🐜 Ant
Unified: 1F41C
:beetle:🐞 Lady beetle
Unified: 1F41E
:snail:🐌 Snail
Unified: 1F40C
:octopus:🐙 Octopus
Unified: 1F419
:shell:🐚 Spiral shell
Unified: 1F41A
:tropical_fish:🐠 Tropical fish
Unified: 1F420
:fish:🐟 Fish
Unified: 1F41F
:dolphin:🐬 Dolphin
Unified: 1F42C
:whale:🐳 Spouting whale
Unified: 1F433
:whale2:🐋 Whale
Unified: 1F40B
:cow2:🐄 Cow
Unified: 1F404
:ram:🐏 Ram
Unified: 1F40F
:rat:🐀 Rat
Unified: 1F400
:water_buffalo:🐃 Water buffalo
Unified: 1F403
:tiger2:🐅 Tiger
Unified: 1F405
:rabbit2:🐇 Rabbit
Unified: 1F407
:dragon:🐉 Dragon
Unified: 1F409
:racehorse:🐎 Horse
Unified: 1F40E
:goat:🐐 Goat
Unified: 1F410
:rooster:🐓 Rooster
Unified: 1F413
:dog2:🐕 Dog
Unified: 1F415
:pig2:🐖 Pig
Unified: 1F416
:mouse2:🐁 Mouse
Unified: 1F401
:ox:🐂 Ox
Unified: 1F402
:dragon_face:🐲 Dragon face
Unified: 1F432
:blowfish:🐡 Blowfish
Unified: 1F421
:crocodile:🐊 Crocodile
Unified: 1F40A
:camel:🐫 Bactrian camel
Unified: 1F42B
:dromedary_camel:🐪 Dromedary camel
Unified: 1F42A
:leopard:🐆 Leopard
Unified: 1F406
:cat2:🐈 Cat
Unified: 1F408
:poodle:🐩 Poodle
Unified: 1F429
:feet:🐾 Paw prints
Unified: 1F43E
:bouquet:💐 Bouquet
Unified: 1F490
:cherry_blossom:🌸 Cherry blossom
Unified: 1F338
:tulip:🌷 Tulip
Unified: 1F337
:four_leaf_clover:🍀 Four leaf clover
Unified: 1F340
:rose:🌹 Rose
Unified: 1F339
:sunflower:🌻 Sunflower
Unified: 1F33B
:hibiscus:🌺 Hibiscus
Unified: 1F33A
:maple_leaf:🍁 Maple leaf
Unified: 1F341
:leaves:🍃 Leaf fluttering in wind
Unified: 1F343
:fallen_leaf:🍂 Fallen leaf
Unified: 1F342
:herb:🌿 Herb
Unified: 1F33F
:ear_of_rice:🌾 Ear of rice
Unified: 1F33E
:mushroom:🍄 Mushroom
Unified: 1F344
:cactus:🌵 Cactus
Unified: 1F335
:palm_tree:🌴 Palm tree
Unified: 1F334
:evergreen_tree:🌲 Evergreen tree
Unified: 1F332
:deciduous_tree:🌳 Deciduous tree
Unified: 1F333
:chestnut:🌰 Chestnut
Unified: 1F330
:seedling:🌱 Seedling
Unified: 1F331
:blossom:🌼 Blossom
Unified: 1F33C
:globe_with_meridians:🌐 Globe with meridians
Unified: 1F310
:sun_with_face:🌞 Sun with face
Unified: 1F31E
:full_moon_with_face:🌝 Full moon with face
Unified: 1F31D
:new_moon_with_face:🌚 New moon with face
Unified: 1F31A
:new_moon:🌑 New moon symbol
Unified: 1F311
:waxing_crescent_moon:🌒 Waxing crescent moon symbol
Unified: 1F312
:first_quarter_moon:🌓 First quarter moon symbol
Unified: 1F313
:moon:🌔 Waxing gibbous moon symbol
Unified: 1F314
:full_moon:🌕 Full moon symbol
Unified: 1F315
:waning_gibbous_moon:🌖 Waning gibbous moon symbol
Unified: 1F316
:last_quarter_moon:🌗 Last quarter moon symbolUnified: 1F317
:waning_crescent_moon:🌘 Waning crescent moon symbol
Unified: 1F318
:last_quarter_moon_with_face:🌜 Last quarter moon with face
Unified: 1F31C
:first_quarter_moon_with_face:🌛 First quarter moon with face
Unified: 1F31B
:crescent_moon:🌙 Crescent moon
Unified: 1F319
:earth_africa:🌍 Earth globe europe-africa
Unified: 1F30D
:earth_americas:🌎 Earth globe americas
Unified: 1F30E
:earth_asia:🌏 Earth globe asia-australia
Unified: 1F30F
:volcano:🌋 Volcano
Unified: 1F30B
:milky_way:🌌 Milky way
Unified: 1F30C
:stars:🌠 Shooting star
Unified: 1F320
:star:⭐️ White medium star
Unified: 2B50
:sunny:☀️ Black sun with rays
Unified: 2600
:partly_sunny:⛅️ Sun behind cloud
Unified: 26C5
:cloud:☁️ Cloud
Unified: 2601
:zap:⚡️ High voltage sign
Unified: 26A1
:umbrella:☔️ Umbrella with rain drops
Unified: 2614
:snowflake:❄️ Snowflake
Unified: 2744
:snowman:⛄️ Snowman without snow
Unified: 26C4
:cyclone:🌀 Cyclone
Unified: 1F300
:foggy:🌁 Foggy
Unified: 1F301
:rainbow:🌈 Rainbow
Unified: 1F308
:ocean:🌊 Water wave
Unified: 1F30A

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