Emoji: People Cheat Sheet

:smile:😄 Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Unified: 1F604
:smiley:😃 Smiling face with open mouth
Unified: 1F603
:grinning:😀 Grinning face
Unified: 1F600
:blush:😊 Smiling face with smiling eyes
Unified: 1F60A
:relaxed:☺️ White smiling face
Unified: 263A
:wink:😉 Winking face
Unified: 1F609
:heart_eyes:😍 Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
Unified: 1F60D
:kissing_heart:😘 Face throwing a kiss
Unified: 1F618
:kissing_closed_eyes:😚 Kissing face with closed eyes
Unified: 1F61A
:kissing:😗 Kissing face
Unified: 1F617
:kissing_smiling_eyes:😙 Kissing face with smiling eyes
Unified: 1F619
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:😜 Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
Unified: 1F61C
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:😝 Face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes
Unified: 1F61D
:stuck_out_tongue:😛 Face with stuck-out tongue
Unified: 1F61B
:flushed:😳 Flushed face
Unified: 1F633
:grin:😁 Grinning face with smiling eyes
Unified: 1F601
:pensive:😔 Pensive face
Unified: 1F614
:relieved:😌 Relieved face
Unified: 1F60C
:unamused:😒 Unamused face
Unified: 1F612
:disappointed:😞 Disappointed face
Unified: 1F61E
:persevere:😣 Persevering face
Unified: 1F623
:cry:😢 Crying face
Unified: 1F622
:joy:😂 Face with tears of joy
Unified: 1F602
:sob:😭 Loudly crying face
Unified: 1F62D
:sleepy:😪 Sleepy face
Unified: 1F62A
:disappointed_relieved:😥 Disappointed but relieved face
Unified: 1F625
:cold_sweat:😰 Face with open mouth and cold sweat
Unified: 1F630
:sweat_smile:😅 Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
Unified: 1F605
:sweat:😓 Face with cold sweat
Unified: 1F613
:weary:😩 Weary face
Unified: 1F629
:tired_face:😫 Tired face
Unified: 1F62B
:fearful:😨 Fearful face
Unified: 1F628
:scream:😱 Face screaming in fear
Unified: 1F631
:angry:😠 Angry face
Unified: 1F620
:rage:😡 Pouting face
Unified: 1F621
:triumph:😤 Face with look of triumph
Unified: 1F624
:confounded:😖 Confounded face
Unified: 1F616
:laughing:😆 Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
Unified: 1F606
:yum:😋 Face savouring delicious food
Unified: 1F60B
:mask:😷 Face with medical mask
Unified: 1F637
:sunglasses:😎 Smiling face with sunglasses
Unified: 1F60E
:sleeping:😴 Sleeping face
Unified: 1F634
:dizzy_face:😵 Dizzy face
Unified: 1F635
:astonished:😲 Astonished face
Unified: 1F632
:worried:😟 Worried face
Unified: 1F61F
:frowning:😦 Frowning face with open mouth
Unified: 1F626
:anguished:😧 Anguished face
Unified: 1F627
:smiling_imp:😈 Smiling face with horns
Unified: 1F608
:imp:👿 Imp
Unified: 1F47F
:open_mouth:😮 Face with open mouth
Unified: 1F62E
:grimacing:😬 Grimacing face
Unified: 1F62C
:neutral_face:😐 Neutral face
Unified: 1F610
:confused:😕 Confused face
Unified: 1F615
:hushed:😯 Hushed face
Unified: 1F62F
:no_mouth:😶 Face without mouth
Unified: 1F636
:innocent:😇 Smiling face with halo
Unified: 1F607
:smirk:😏 Smirking face
Unified: 1F60F
:expressionless:😑 Expressionless face
Unified: 1F611
:man_with_gua_pi_mao:👲 Man with gua pi mao
Unified: 1F472
:man_with_turban:👳 Man with turban
Unified: 1F473
:cop:👮 Police officer
Unified: 1F46E
:construction_worker:👷 Construction worker
Unified: 1F477
:guardsman:💂 Guardsman
Unified: 1F482
:baby:👶 Baby
Unified: 1F476
:boy:👦 Boy
Unified: 1F466
:girl:👧 Girl
Unified: 1F467
:man:👨 Man
Unified: 1F468
:woman:👩 Woman
Unified: 1F469
:older_man:👴 Older man
Unified: 1F474
:older_woman:👵 Older woman
Unified: 1F475
:person_with_blond_hair:👱 Person with blond hair
Unified: 1F471
:angel:👼 Baby angel
Unified: 1F47C
:princess:👸 Princess
Unified: 1F478
:smiley_cat:😺 Smiling cat face with open mouth
Unified: 1F63A
:smile_cat:😸 Grinning cat face with smiling eyes
Unified: 1F638
:heart_eyes_cat:😻 Smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes
Unified: 1F63B
:kissing_cat:😽 Kissing cat face with closed eyes
Unified: 1F63D
:smirk_cat:😼 Cat face with wry smile
Unified: 1F63C
:scream_cat:🙀 Weary cat face
Unified: 1F640
:crying_cat_face:😿 Crying cat face
Unified: 1F63F
:joy_cat:😹 Cat face with tears of joy
Unified: 1F639
:pouting_cat:😾 Pouting cat face
Unified: 1F63E
:japanese_ogre:👹 Japanese ogre
Unified: 1F479
:japanese_goblin:👺 Japanese goblin
Unified: 1F47A
:see_no_evil:🙈 See-no-evil monkey
Unified: 1F648
:hear_no_evil:🙉 Hear-no-evil monkey
Unified: 1F649
:speak_no_evil:🙊 Speak-no-evil monkey
Unified: 1F64A
:skull:💀 Skull
Unified: 1F480
:alien:👽 Extraterrestrial alien
Unified: 1F47D
:hankey:💩 Pile of poo
Unified: 1F4A9
:fire:🔥 Fire
Unified: 1F525
:sparkles:✨ Sparkles
Unified: 2728
:star2:🌟 Glowing star
Unified: 1F31F
:dizzy:💫 Dizzy symbol
Unified: 1F4AB
:boom:💥 Collision symbol
Unified: 1F4A5
:anger:💢 Anger symbol
Unified: 1F4A2
:sweat_drops:💦 Splashing sweat symbol
Unified: 1F4A6
:droplet:💧 Droplet
Unified: 1F4A7
:zzz:💤 Sleeping symbol
Unified: 1F4A4
:dash:💨 Dash symbol
Unified: 1F4A8
:ear:👂 Ear
Unified: 1F442
:eyes:👀 Eyes
Unified: 1F440
:nose:👃 Nose
Unified: 1F443
:tongue:👅 Tongue
Unified: 1F445
:lips:👄 Mouth
Unified: 1F444
:+1:👍 Thumbs up sign
Unified: 1F44D
:-1:👎 Thumbs down sign
Unified: 1F44E
:ok_hand:👌 Ok hand sign
Unified: 1F44C
:facepunch:👊 Fisted hand sign
Unified: 1F44A
:fist:✊ Raised fist
Unified: 270A
:v:✌️ Victory hand
Unified: 270C
:wave:👋 Waving hand sign
Unified: 1F44B
:hand:✋ Raised hand
Unified: 270B
:open_hands:👐 Open hands sign
Unified: 1F450
:point_up_2:👆 White up pointing backhand index
Unified: 1F446
:point_down:👇 White down pointing backhand index
Unified: 1F447
:point_right:👉 White right pointing backhand index
Unified: 1F449
:point_left:👈 White left pointing backhand index
Unified: 1F448
:raised_hands:🙌 Person raising both hands in celebration
Unified: 1F64C
:pray:🙏 Person with folded hands
Unified: 1F64F
:point_up:☝️ White up pointing index
Unified: 261D
:clap:👏 Clapping hands sign
Unified: 1F44F
:muscle:💪 Flexed biceps
Unified: 1F4AA
:walking:🚶 Pedestrian
Unified: 1F6B6
:runner:🏃 Runner
Unified: 1F3C3
:dancer:💃 Dancer
Unified: 1F483
:couple:👫 Man and woman holding hands
Unified: 1F46B
:family:👪 Family
Unified: 1F46A
:two_men_holding_hands:👬 Two men holding hands
Unified: 1F46C
:two_women_holding_hands:👭 Two women holding hands
Unified: 1F46D
:couplekiss:💏 Kiss
Unified: 1F48F
:couple_with_heart:💑 Couple with heart
Unified: 1F491
:dancers:👯 Woman with bunny ears
Unified: 1F46F
:ok_woman:🙆 Face with ok gesture
Unified: 1F646
:no_good:🙅 Face with no good gesture
Unified: 1F645
:information_desk_person:💁 Information desk person
Unified: 1F481
:raising_hand:🙋 Happy person raising one hand
Unified: 1F64B
:massage:💆 Face massage
Unified: 1F486
:haircut:💇 Haircut
Unified: 1F487
:nail_care:💅 Nail polish
Unified: 1F485
:bride_with_veil:👰 Bride with veil
Unified: 1F470
:person_with_pouting_face:🙎 Person with pouting face
Unified: 1F64E
:person_frowning:🙍 Person frowning
Unified: 1F64D
:bow:🙇 Person bowing deeply
Unified: 1F647
:tophat:🎩 Top hat
Unified: 1F3A9
:crown:👑 Crown
Unified: 1F451
:womans_hat:👒 Womans hat
Unified: 1F452
:athletic_shoe:👟 Athletic shoe
Unified: 1F45F
:mans_shoe:👞 Mans shoe
Unified: 1F45E
:sandal:👡 Womans sandal
Unified: 1F461
:high_heel:👠 High-heeled shoe
Unified: 1F460
:boot:👢 Womans boots
Unified: 1F462
:shirt:👕 T-shirt
Unified: 1F455
:necktie:👔 Necktie
Unified: 1F454
:womans_clothes:👚 Womans clothes
Unified: 1F45A
:dress:👗 Dress
Unified: 1F457
:running_shirt_with_sash:🎽 Running shirt with sash
Unified: 1F3BD
:jeans:👖 Jeans
Unified: 1F456
:kimono:👘 Kimono
Unified: 1F458
:bikini:👙 Bikini
Unified: 1F459
:briefcase:💼 Briefcase
Unified: 1F4BC
:handbag:👜 Handbag
Unified: 1F45C
:pouch:👝 Pouch
Unified: 1F45D
:purse:👛 Purse
Unified: 1F45B
:eyeglasses:👓 Eyeglasses
Unified: 1F453
:ribbon:🎀 Ribbon
Unified: 1F380
:closed_umbrella:🌂 Closed umbrella
Unified: 1F302
:lipstick:💄 Lipstick
Unified: 1F484
:yellow_heart:💛 Yellow heart
Unified: 1F49B
:blue_heart:💙 Blue heart
Unified: 1F499
:purple_heart:💜 Purple heart
Unified: 1F49C
:green_heart:💚 Green heart
Unified: 1F49A
:heart:❤️ Heavy black heart
Unified: 2764
:broken_heart:💔 Broken heart
Unified: 1F494
:heartpulse:💗 Growing heart
Unified: 1F497
:heartbeat:💓 Beating heart
Unified: 1F493
:two_hearts:💕 Two hearts
Unified: 1F495
:sparkling_heart:💖 Sparkling heart
Unified: 1F496
:revolving_hearts:💞 Revolving hearts
Unified: 1F49E
:cupid:💘 Heart with arrow
Unified: 1F498
:love_letter:💌 Love letter
Unified: 1F48C
:kiss:💋 Kiss mark
Unified: 1F48B
:ring:💍 Ring
Unified: 1F48D
:gem:💎 Gem stone
Unified: 1F48E
:bust_in_silhouette:👤 Bust in silhouette
Unified: 1F464
:busts_in_silhouette:👥 Busts in silhouette
Unified: 1F465
:speech_balloon:💬 Speech balloon
Unified: 1F4AC
:footprints:👣 Footprints
Unified: 1F463
:thought_balloon:💭 Thought balloon
Unified: 1F4AD

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