Final Cut Pro: Effects Cheat Sheet

CTRL+SHIFT+TAdd Basic Lower Third
Connect a basic lower-third title to the primary storyline
CTRL+TAdd Basic Title
Connect a basic title to the primary storyline
CMD+ALT+EAdd Default Audio Effect
Add the default audio effect to the selection
CMD+TAdd Default Transition
Add the default transition to the selection
ALT+EAdd Default Video Effect
Add the default video effect to the selection
ALT+DeleteColor Board: Reset Current Board Controls
Reset the controls in the current Color Board pane
CMD+CTRL+CColor Board: Switch to the Color Pane
Switch to the Color pane in the Color Board
CMD+CTRL+EColor Board: Switch to the Exposure Pane
Switch to the Exposure pane in the Color Board
CMD+CTRL+SColor Board: Switch to the Saturation Pane
Switch to the Saturation pane in the Color Board
CMD+ALT+CCopy Effects
Copy the selected effects and their settings
ALT+SHIFT+CCopy Keyframes
Copy the selected keyframes and their settings
ALT+SHIFT+XCut Keyframes
Cut the selected keyframes and their settings
CMD+ALT+BEnable/Disable Balance Color
Turn Balance Color corrections on or off
CMD+SHIFT+MMatch Audio
Match the sound between clips
CMD+ALT+MMatch Color
Match color between clips
ALT+TabNext Text
Navigate to the next text item
CMD+SHIFT+VPaste Attributes
Paste selected attributes and their settings to the selection
CMD+ALT+VPaste Effects
Paste effects and their settings to the selection
ALT+SHIFT+VPaste Keyframes
Paste keyframes and their settings to the selection
ALT+SHIFT+TabPrevious Text
Navigate to the previous text item
CMD+SHIFT+XRemove Attributes
Remove selected attributes from the selection
CMD+ALT+XRemove Effects
Remove all effects from the selection
CMD+RRetime Editor
Show or hide the retime editor
SHIFT+NRetime: Create Normal Speed Segment
Set the selection to play at normal (100 percent) speed
SHIFT+HRetime: Hold
Create a 2-second hold segment
CMD+ALT+RRetime: Reset
Reset the selection to play forward at normal (100 percent) speed
CTRL+SHIFT+VSolo Animation
Show one effect at a time in the Video Animation editor

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