Final Cut Pro: General Cheat Sheet

Delete the timeline selection, reject the browser selection, or remove a through the edit
Show or hide the Filter window (in the browser) or the timeline index (in the timeline)
CMD+ALT+3Go to Event Viewer
Make the event viewer active
CMD+IImport Media
Import media from a device, a camera, or an archive
CMD+CTRL+JLibrary Properties
Open the Library Properties inspector for the current library
CMD+DeleteMove to Trash
Move the selection to the Finder Trash
CMD+NNew Project
Create a new project
CMD+JProject Properties
Open the Properties inspector for the current project
Start all rendering tasks for the current project
CTRL+RRender Selection
Start rendering tasks for the selection
CMD+SHIFT+RReveal in Finder
Reveal the selected event clip’s source media file in the Finder

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