Jest: Mock functions Cheat Sheet

// const fn = jest.fn()
// const fn = jest.fn().mockName('Unicorn') -- named mock, Jest 22+
expect(fn).toBeCalled() // Function was called
expect(fn).not.toBeCalled() // Function was *not* called
expect(fn).toHaveBeenCalledTimes(1) // Function was called only once
expect(fn).toBeCalledWith(arg1, arg2) // Any of calls was with these arguments
expect(fn).toHaveBeenLastCalledWith(arg1, arg2) // Last call was with these arguments
expect(fn).toHaveBeenNthCalledWith(args) // Nth call was with these arguments (Jest 23+)
expect(fn).toHaveReturnedTimes(2) // Function was returned without throwing an error (Jest 23+)
expect(fn).toHaveReturnedWith(value) // Function returned a value (Jest 23+)
expect(fn).toHaveLastReturnedWith(value) // Last function call returned a value (Jest 23+)
expect(fn).toHaveNthReturnedWith(value) // Nth function call returned a value (Jest 23+)
expect(fn.mock.calls).toEqual([['first', 'call', 'args'], ['second', 'call', 'args']]) // Multiple calls
expect(fn.mock.calls[0][0]).toBe(2) // fn.mock.calls[0][0] — the first argument of the first call

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