Swift 5.1: Coding Protocols Cheat Sheet

import Foundation

// Codable conformance is the same as conforming
// separately to Decodable and Encodable protocols
struct UserInfo: Codable {
  let username: String
  let loginCount: Int

// Conform to CustomStringConvertible to provide
// a specific representation when converting the instance to a string
extension UserInfo: CustomStringConvertible {
  var description: String {
    return "(username) has tried to login \
(loginCount) time(s)"

// Define multiline string literal to represent JSON
let json = """
{ "username": "David", "loginCount": 2 }

// Using JSONDecoder to serialize JSON
let decoder = JSONDecoder()

// Transform string to its data representation
let data = json.data(using: .utf8)!
let userInfo = try! decoder.decode(UserInfo.self, from: data)

// Using Encodable to serialize a struct
let encoder = JSONEncoder()
let userInfoData = try! encoder.encode(userInfo)

// Transform data to its string representation
let jsonString = String(data: userInfoData, encoding: .utf8)}!

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