Swift 5.1: Enumerations Cheat Sheet

enum Taste {
  case sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami
let vinegarTaste = Taste.sour

//Iterating through an enum class
enum Food: CaseIterable {
  case pasta, pizza, hamburger

for food in Food.allCases {

// enum with String raw values
enum Currency: String {
  case euro = "EUR"
  case dollar = "USD"
  case pound = "GBP"

// Print the backing value
let euroSymbol = Currency.euro.rawValue
  print("The currency symbol for Euro is \ (euroSymbol)"')

// enum with associated values
enum Content {
  case empty
  case text(String)
  case number(Int)

// Matching enumeration values with a switch statement
let content = Content.text("Hello") 
switch content {
case .empty:
  print("Value is empty")
case .text(let value): // Extract the String value
  print("Value is (value)")
case .number(_): // Ignore the Int value
  print("Value is a number")

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