Swift 5.1: Error Handling Cheat Sheet

// Representing an error
enum BeverageMachineError: Error {
  case invalidSelection
  case insufficientFunds
  case outOfStock

func selectBeverage(_ selection: Int) throws —>
String {
  // Some logic here
  return "Waiting for beverage…"

// If an error is thrown by the code in the do
// clause, it is matched against the catch clauses
// to determine which one of them can handle the error
let message: String
do {
  message = try selectBeverage(20)
} catch BeverageMachineError.invalidSelection {
  print("Invalid selection")
} catch BeverageMachineError.insufficientFunds {
  print("Insufficient funds")
} catch BeverageMachineError.out0fStock {
  print("Out of stock")
} catch {
  print("Generic error")

// If an error is thrown while evaluating the try?
// expression, the value of the expression is nil
let nillableMessage = try? selectBeverage(10)

// If an error is throws you'll get a runtime error,
// otherwise the value
let throwableMessage = try! selectBeverage(10)

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