Laravel Route

Route::get('foo', function(){});
Route::get('foo', 'ControllerName@function');
Route::controller('foo', 'FooController');

RESTful Controllers


Specify a subset of actions to handle on the route

Route::resource('photo', 'PhotoController',['only' => ['index', 'show']]);
Route::resource('photo', 'PhotoController',['except' => ['update', 'destroy']]);

Triggering Errors

$handler->missing(...) in ErrorServiceProvider::boot();
throw new NotFoundHttpException;

Route Parameters

Route::get('foo/{bar}', function($bar){});
Route::get('foo/{bar?}', function($bar = 'bar'){});

HTTP Verbs

Route::any('foo', function(){});
Route::post('foo', function(){});
Route::put('foo', function(){});
Route::patch('foo', function(){});
Route::delete('foo', function(){});

RESTful actions

Route::resource('foo', 'FooController');

Registering A Route For Multiple Verbs

Route::match(['get', 'post'], '/', function(){});

Secure Routes(TBD)

Route::get('foo', array('https', function(){}));

Route Constraints

Route::get('foo/{bar}', function($bar){})
->where('bar', '[0-9]+');
Route::get('foo/{bar}/{baz}', function($bar, $baz){})
->where(array('bar' => '[0-9]+', 'baz' => '[A-Za-z]'))

Set a pattern to be used across routes

Route::pattern('bar', '[0-9]+')

HTTP Middleware

Assigning Middleware To Routes

Route::get('admin/profile', ['middleware' => 'auth', function(){}]);

Named Routes

Route::get('foo/bar', array('as' => 'foobar', function(){}));
Route::get('user/profile', [
  'as' => 'profile', 'uses' => 'UserController@showProfile'
$url = route('profile');
$redirect = redirect()->route('profile');

Route Prefixing

Route::group(['prefix' => 'admin'], function()
  Route::get('users', function(){
      return 'Matches The "/admin/users" URL';

Route Namespacing

This route group will carry the namespace ‘Foo\Bar’

Route::group(array('namespace' => 'Foo\Bar'), function(){})

Sub-Domain Routing

{sub} will be passed to the closure

Route::group(array('domain' => '{sub}'), function(){});

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