Nano Mac: Various Cheat Sheet

M+ATurn the mark on/off
TabIndent marked region
Shift+Tab   Unindent marked region
M+NTurn line numbers on/off
M+PTurn visible whitespace on/off
M+VEnter next keystroke verbatim
^+LRefresh the screen
^+ZSuspend nano

Nano Mac: Operations Cheat Sheet

^Ctrl+T   Run a spell check
^+JJustify paragraph or region
M+JJustify entire buffer
M+BRun a syntax check
M+FRun a formatter/fixer/arranger
M+:Start/stop recording of macro
M+;Replay macro

Nano Mac: Deletion Cheat Sheet

^+HDelete character before cursor      
^+DDelete character under cursor
^+Shift+Del   Delete word to the left
^+DelDelete word to the right
M+DelDelete current line

Nano Mac: Special movement Cheat Sheet

M+G    Go to specified line
M+]Go to complementary bracket
M+Scroll viewport up
M+Scroll viewport down
M+<Switch to preceding buffer
M+>Switch to succeeding buffer

Nano Mac: Editing Cheat Sheet

^+K   Cut current line into cutbuffer
M+6Copy current line into cutbuffer
^+UPaste contents of cutbuffer
M+TCut until end of buffer
^+]Complete current word
M+3Comment/uncomment line/region
M+UUndo last action
M+ERedo last undone action

Nano Mac: Moving around Cheat Sheet

^+B   One character backward
^+FOne character forward
^+One word backward
^+One word forward
^+ATo start of line
^+ETo end of line
^+POne line up
^+NOne line down
^+To previous block
^+To next block
^+YOne page up
^+VOne page down
M+\To top of buffer
M+/To end of buffer