Brackets: File Navigation Cheat Sheet

CMD+SHIFT+OQuick open
CMD+LGo to line
CMD+TQuick find definition
CMD+JJump to definition
CMD+`Goto first problem
CMD+SHIFT+]Next document
CMD+SHIFT+[Previous document
CMD+EToggle quick edit
ALT+Arrow UpPrevious match
ALT+Arrow DownNext match
CMD+ALT+NNew rule
CMD+FN+Arrow LeftGoto file start
CMD+FN+Arrow RightGoto file end
FN+Arrow UpPage up
FN+Arrow DownPage down

Brackets: Find Cheat Sheet

CMD+FFind in file
CMD+SHIFT+FFind in project
CMD+GFind next
CMD+SHIFT+GFind previous
CMD+CTRL+GFind all and select
CMD+BAdd next match to selection
CMD+SHIFT+BSkip and add next match to selection

Brackets: Line Manipulation Cheat Sheet

CMD+]Indent current line or selection
CMD+[Outdent current line or selection
CMD+ReturnInsert newline after current line or selection
CMD+SHIFT+ReturnInsert newline before current line or selection
CTRL+SHIFT+DDelete current line or selection
CMD+BackspaceDelete to line start
CMD+DeleteDelete to line end
CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow UpMove current line or selection up
CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow DownMove current line or selection down
CMD+DDuplicate current line or selection
CMD+ALT+LSplit selection into lines
CMD+/Toggle line comment
CMD+SHIFT+/Toggle block comment

Brackets: Selection Cheat Sheet

CMD+ASelect all
CTRL+LSelect current line
ALT+SHIFT+Arrow LeftSelect to beginning of word
ALT+SHIFT+Arrow RightSelect to end of word
CMD+SHIFT+Arrow LeftSelect to first character of line
CMD+SHIFT+Arrow RightSelect to last character of line
CMD+SHIFT+Arrow UpSelect to beginning of document
CMD+SHIFT+Arrow DownSelect to end of document
CMD+UUndo selection
CMD+SHIFT+URedo selection

Brackets: Workspace Cheat Sheet

Ctrl++ Increase Font Size
Ctrl+- Decrease Font Size
Ctrl+0 Return to Default
Ctrl+Shift+H Hide/Show the Sidebar
Ctrl+Alt+P Live Preview
Ctrl+Shift+C Live Preview Highlight
From menuTurn Line Numbers on/off
From menuTurn Word Wrap on/off

Brackets: Cursor Placement Cheat Sheet

 Move to the left
Move to the right
Move up one line
Move down one line
Ctrl+→ Move to next word
Ctrl+← Move to the previous word
Alt+→ Move to the end of line
Alt+← Move to the beginning of the line
Ctrl+HomeMove to the beginning of the file
Ctrl+End Move to the end of file
Ctrl+↑ Scroll up
Ctrl+↓ Scroll down